Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Boycott List - Stop Supporting the Enviro Funders!

UPDATE : [9/09/2015]  Contact information for the businesses on the boycott list is being added.  We have only listed what we believe are BUSINESS addresses only, not personal home addresses. We've also added email addresses.  Some phone numbers are available on the vendor's website also.

It is with true, heart-felt sorrow that we here at The Wild Truth – Environmentalism Exposed publish this boycott list.

After much discussion, deliberation and soul-searching, we have decided that we can no longer justify continuing to support individuals and businesses who feed the KS Wild money machine. (There will be more businesses added to this list to include the supporters of other local enviros, like WaterWatch, Geos Institute and others.)

Some of these businesses are ones that we have personally adored, supported and frequented for many years, and have greatly appreciated their efforts and dedication to bring us clean, healthy, chemical-free and organic food and wines, and many others from artists to coffee stands to massage therapists. We truly appreciate the hard work and dedication all of these people have put forth to provide their wonderful wares and services to our communities.

But, alas, the time has come when we must cease to support the people and businesses who are aiding and abetting extremist eviros like KS Wild and their phony conservation message which is nothing more than Agenda 21 at work – a UN directive to end private property ownership. And, no, it's NOT a conspiracy theory - it's a conspiracy FACT.

So-called environmentalism is destroying our valley, killing our businesses, polluting our water, eradicating our natural resources jobs and the industries which support them, and turning our main streets into Ghost Towns.

KS Wild sometimes make in excess of $1 million per year in individual contributions and foundation grants. These foundations – largely founded by Industrialist families, have stock portfolios that suck up millions from corporations in the very industries they claim to be fighting – Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Agra, Monsanto, Mining conglomerates, Frakkers, polluters, and add in some baby killers and white supremacists. 

We've seen KS Wild spend $80,000 on so-called 'projects' in a year where they took in more than $1 million. They charge $70 per head for their annual dinner, and everything for that fundraiser is donated. This is the very event that fills their coffers with cash, donated to them by the gullible and ignorant who think they are 'making a difference,' and 'saving the planet,' who have over-stuffed bank accounts and are under-stocked on brains.
We know this sounds harsh, and probably a little mean-spirited, but we are at a critical junction here and these enviro groups are out of control. The government is complicit and aiding them in poisoning the water with dam removals, and have been for several years. Right now, due to WaterWatch.org and Geos Institute removing Fielder Dam on Evans Creek, the ARSENIC level is more than 3,000 TIMES the recommended EPA safe level.  That's not a typo - it is THREE THOUSAND TIMES HIGHER than the recommended EPA safe level.  Those pollutants are eventually going to work their way down to the Grants Pass Water Supply.
Please, please, PLEASE, educate yourself on these enviro groups and know who you are giving your hard-earned cash to and what they are going to do with it.  It probably won't be what you think. They spend a surprisingly small amount on actually doing anything.

The reason that the Rogue Valley even exists as a populated area is because of our natural resources jobs. The miners and the loggers, the farmers and ranchers, are the very people who built this region, who gave us water, who gave us infrastructure, who built our schools, who formed our first government. Groups like KS Wild are attempting, along with rogue, insurgent agencies like BLM to completely eradicate our history, the legacies of our settlers, and to besmirch the very names of the men and women who created the place that we love, the place we live – our home – the Rogue Valley. 

Please DO NOT remove your support from any of these individuals or businesses if it would be detrimental to your health or wellbeing, or cause you, you family, or your loved ones any hardship. WE care about PEOPLE, NOT FISH or TREES!

[NOTE : The following businesses either give money, goods, or services to KS Wild, either as members of the organization, as cash donations, or as contributions to their annual fund-raising dinner. This list will be updated frequently to add the supporters of other enviro groups also.]

Please consider joining us in removing your support from the following, complicit businesses –
AZ Catering
Oak Leaf Creamery
795 Stewart Rd
Indigo Creek Outfitters
130 A St. #2B

American River Touring Association
24000 Casa Loma Road
Berryvale Grocery
305 S Mt Shasta Blvd
MT. SHASTA, CA 96067

Big Tree Farms
700 Mistletoe Rd
Carlos Delgado – Architect
217 4th St.
Email Form
Cecelia Howard – Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
208 Oak St., Ste. 207
ASHLAND, OR  97520
Jefferson State Financial Group (Rabid anti-mining activist)
557 E River St.
PO Box 1668
Kathy A. Sprick, D.D.S
21 S Front St
Kinder Stout Piano Service
130 Orange Ave.
Rogue Creamery
P.O. Box 3606
Email Contact Form
Northwest Rafting Company
913 Hull St.
Email Contact Form
Ashland Creek Inn
70 Water St.
Aquatic Ecosystem Sciences
295 E Main St.
330 Hersey St., #2
Mark Machala Chiropractic Physician
850 Siskiyou Blvd,
Plant Oregon Nursery
8677 Wagner Cr. Rd,
TALENT, OR 97540
Richard Billin Attorney at Law
311 S. Holly St.
Rogue Valley Strength & Conditioning
1467 Siskiyou Blvd, #146
Standing Stone Brewing Co.
The Downey Company Home Builders
The Flat Top
True South Solar
Acupuncture, Health & Healing
Ashland Commons
Bret Snyder Construction
Carlyle F. Stout III Attorney at Law
Ciota Engineering
Cucina Biazzi
Ken Cairn Landscape Architecture
Majestic Properties of Ashland,
Mother Earth Pet Products
New Leaf Massage
Renewable Energy Systems LLC
Wessler Design Associates, Inc.
Jens Sehm Fine Furniture & Custom Woodwork
Barking Moon Farm
Base Camp Brewing Beer
Citizen Big Tree Farms
Bradford Family Farms
Cowhorn Vineyard & Garden
Cuckoo’s Nest
Eagle Mill Farms
Dunbar Farms
Port Orford Sustainable Seafood
Green Springs Inn
Ashland Alternative Health
Computer Doctor of Ashland
Dan the Backhoe Man
Full Circle Real Estate
Grateful Meds Oregon
Kleiman & Stamper Physical Therapy
Herb Pharm
Inner Synergy
Jahfirm Productions
Jani Rollins, MD
Master Craft Wood Floors, Inc
Momentum River Expeditions
One Voice Associates, LLC
Oregon Solar Works
Pacific Domes
Rogue Valley Runners
ScienceWorks Museum
Shawn's Rideshare
Southern Oregon Mediation Center
Upper Limb-it Tree Service
Valley Rain Harvesting
Wessler Design Associates, Inc.
Wild Rose Herbs
DAQ Connect
Deluxe Awning Company
The Fish Queen
Grant Ruiz
Jamboree Trees Inc
Rogue Basin Coordinating Council
Simply Inspired Software
Village Shoes
Vitalist School of Herbology
Get n Gear
Mountain Supply
Fry Family Farm
Happy Dirt Farm
Le Mera Gardens
One Leaf Micro Greens
Pasture 42
Rogue Creamery
Siskiyou Sustainable Cooperative
Thompson Creek Organic
Upper Rogue Organic
Ashland Outdoor Store
Cog Wild
Flywheel Bikes
Wandering Fields Farm
Wandering Roots Farm
Whistling Duck Farm
Wild Bee Honey Farm
Wild Wines
Willow-Witt Ranch
Wolf Gulch Farm
Wooldridge Creek Winery
Wylie’s Honey Brews
Ashland Art Center
Ashland Custom Frame
Azizi Jewelry
Gallerie Karon
Heart and Hands
Northwest Nature Shop
South Coast Tours, LLC
Southern Oregon Fencing Center
Sunday Afternoons, Inc.
Jesse Hodges Photography
Matt Witt Photography
Ashland Independent Film Fest
Blue Giraffe Day Spa
Breitenbush Hot Springs
Jade Mountain Medicine
Kayla Starr Massage
Mountain Center Fitness
Robert Good, Law Office
Sergei Boutenko
Siskiyou Chiropractic
Antiquarium Books
Nimbus Oregon
Cabaret Oregon
Shakespeare Festival
Lusha Designs
Image Collective
Sunday Afternoons, Inc.
Ashland Chamber of Commerce
Case Coffee
Cold Creek Inn
Dobra Tea House
Home State BBQ
Jacksonville Inn
Mihama Teriyaki Grill
Morning Glory
Noble Coffee
Oregon Caves Chateau
Shop’n Kart
Uber Herbal
Anytime Fitness
Flower Tyme
Growing Green Baby
Love Revolution
Paddington Station
TreeHouse Books
Cripple Creek Music Co


  1. Thank God I have never spent any money with anyone on this list and never will !

  2. Need contact info on these companies posted so they can be informed that you will not do business and why with them.

  3. We'll be updating soon with contact info. We will also be doing a form letter you can copy and paste either into a snail mail letter or an email and send it to them to let them know, and we're doing a direct mailing to some of the companies also. We're working on it!

    Gary, you're lucky - unfortunately there are several businesses on the list whose products I love and I was so disappointed to see that they are KS Wild contributors. But we have to make a stand. We're way overdue.

  4. After all these people lose their jobs because of your boycott actions, the rogue valley will be a ghost town just like you say. By boycotting and causing job loss, you are doing the very thing YOU say you are against doing. KS WILD is here to PRESERVE what is left of our natural world which all humans need to be happy and healthy. NOT hurting people, which i feel you are doing by boycotting so many businesses that are only helping people and helping to PRESERVE our natural surroundings for all to enjoy. That is what america and national forests are all about. WE as a population OWN that land and we are free to enter it and enjoy it and absorb it and BE in it. And it's all about making careful choices and moderation. Unfortunately being ALIVE creates a carbon print. But we can make that carbon print as small as we like. Mining is important but by buying USED vehicles, we are SLOWING down the demand to mine. Not every environmentalist buys brand new cars. We can not all run around digging roots. There are not enough roots! We would starve ourselves out in a matter of years. Not to mention all the private property that we would not be able to dig roots on. So that leaves us with very limited space to dig roots. Just like the wildlife having very limited space to survive. SO, thank KS wild and other groups that there are still wild natural places left!