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Fish, Not Gold? I'd Rather Have Gold, Not Fish or Felons!

Washington State Rep. Gael Tarleton must have an incredibly firmly entrenched radical environmental agenda. So much so, she doesn't even care that the inspiration behind her anti-mining bill is a convicted felon, a thief, and a fraudster.

Former Attorney Kim McDonald Arrested – 7 Counts of Bank Fraud, 4 Counts Mail Fraud

HB 2579, the Give Fish a Chance Act (no, really,) is an anti-mining bill that would restrict a federally-protected and congressionally-granted right, supposedly in order to protect endangered species of fish.

Tarleton pimped out Dr. Fraudster's blog post about her scary encounter with – GASP! - a miner! Eeeekkk! You can read the excruciating blog post if you despise your eyes enough –

And see Tarleton drooling over it, if you need to purge –

Kim McDonald is a disbarred attorney, convicted felon (mail fraud / bank fraud) and is the founder of Fish, Not Gold (She is NOT to be confused with Washington attorney Kimberly A McDonald.) McDonald raided the accounts of clients whose Trust Funds she administrated. Her client list included basketball legend Chuck Randall.

As a hate-monger toward miners, McDonald regurgitates the same tired old manipulated study that falsely shows digging a hole in the stream bed kills fish, when in actual fact, dredging removes tons of fishing weights made from lead, naturally-occurring mercury, and other junk and pollutants harmful to the fish. And Enviros suck up millions of dollars each year in order to 'restore' salmon habitat – by digging a hole in the stream bed. Same thing miners do – for free! They're pretty smart those soy-eating, sandal-wearing, yogurt knitters, aren't they?

Is this how far down our politicians need to sink to find justification for their ideologies and policies – using a dirty lawyer who stole her clients money, then copped a psyche to try and get out of it, Girl, Interrupted style? Really? What an absolute disgrace to her office and her party Gael Tarleton is. For shame, Mrs. Tarleton. For shame.

Unfortunately, the powers that be are fully on board with the Phony Green Agenda, and are taking our rights, our property and our freedom from all of us, one Endangered Species scam at a time.

Oh, and Kimmy – I know you're notorious for threatening people who try to expose you, with law suits and all sorts of legal shenanigans, but, sweetie, you can't sue somebody for libel or defamation WHEN THEY'RE TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU! But go ahead, and make a bigger disgrace of yourself than you already are. Go ahead and discredit yourself even further. If you live in a glass house, you should stay away from stones. We have no problem repeating all this in court.

SOURCES – (Some interesting reading on the criminal - well worth a look to learn about the case and the extent of what she did, and other related links for your perusal.)

Ex-Attorney Sentenced for Thefts

Shelterwood Consulting – Dr. Fraud's 'Consulting' Business
In case you're in the market for a convicted felon, thief, and disbarred attorney to do some Eco-Pirate advocacy for you, here's the jail-bird's 'consulting' website.

Former Attorney Kimberlee Ann McDonald Arrested (September 1st, 1993)
She was charged with defrauding Rainier National Bank, Security Pacific Bank, Seafirst Bank, Washington Mutual Savings Bank and Metropolitan Federal Savings and Loan.”

McDonald, 38, is accused of manipulating accounts at the banks by writing worthless checks totaling $170,000, drawn against various trust accounts she maintained. She would then deposit the checks to other accounts or use the money for partial payment of a loan, according to prosecutors. She also is accused of inappropriately using $220,000 entrusted to her by her clients.”

Ex-Attorney Sentenced for Thefts (March 15th, 1998)
But the judge cited mitigating circumstances – testimony during the trial that McDonald suffered from a mental impairment – as one reason for not imposing an exceptional sentence.”

State v. McDonald (May 15th 2000)
At the conclusion of a bench trial, the court found her guilty, as charged, and imposed a sentence of 14 months in prison for two of the counts and 22 months for the remaining four counts. The sentences are to be served concurrently.”

Puzzling Justice (October 9th, 2006)
Does Kimberlee McDonald's case reveal prosecutors bent on revenge or a con artist working the system?

She brought this on herself,” Peterson says of McDonald, and he stresses that there were real victims who suffered real financial hardships as a result of her actions. Moreover, he reveals what McDonald does not: While she paid restitution to the defrauded bank as a result of the federal case, most of her victimized clients received nothing.”

So who is McDonald really—a reformed sinner or a scam artist?”

My Impossible Dream : The Story of Chuck Randall (January 28th, 2008)
She was sentenced to jail. Now, every three months or so, I get a check for about fifteen dollars. Whoopee!”

Rep. Gael Tarleton's Washington House Democrats Blog

Gael Tarleton's HB 2579 – The Give Fish a Chance Act

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