Monday, April 13, 2015

A Brief History of Eco-Terrorism – Case #1 - The Cloverdale Tree-Spiking Incident

May 8th, 1987
Louisiana-Pacific Lumber Mill
Cloverdale, CA.

Dispicable Enviro-Terrorists embed a tree-spike in a log cut by Louisiana-Pacific, a logging company with a saw mill in Cloverdale, northern California.

When the log is cut on that fateful day, May 8th, 1987, the blade explodes and almost decapitates 23 year old daddy-to-be George Alexander, the off-bearer operating the saw mill.

A 12-foot long piece of the metal blade ripped through newly-wed George's heavy-duty protective mask, breaking his jaw in five places, shattering twelve teeth, and tearing into the jugular vein in his neck. The monster blade hits him with such force that it wraps around his body. For an hour before the ambulance arrives, George's workmates battle to staunch the flow of blood that pours from his wounds, and take a blowtorch to the blade in an attempt to free him from its grasp. George, who miraculously survived, believes he is only still alive thanks to his friend, Rich Phillips, who held his severed veins together with his bare hands.

Earth First! founder, Dave Foreman, said of the near-fatal act of sabotage, “I think it's unfortunate that somebody got hurt, but you know I quite honestly am more concerned about old growth forests, spotted owls, wolverines, and salmon – and nobody is forcing people to cut those trees.”

No, really.  Yes, he actually said that.

What sort of a demented, irrational, mentally ill, socially maladjusted sociopath cares more about trees, owls and fish than they care about fellow human beings?

Oh, yeah, I forgot – an environmentalist. Because they despise everyone and everything, and themselves more than anything else.

No arrest or conviction has ever been made in the heinous, life-changing crime perpetrated against George Alexander.

Source :

“The Secret History of Tree Spiking – Part 1” by Judi Bari. First published in the Anderson Valley Advertiser (Feb, 17th, 1993.) [via]

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