Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Donald Rubenstein – A Walking Conflict of Interest

Yesterday, Donald Rubenstein, Jackson County Hearings Officer ruled against Mountain View Paving, denying them a land-use permit for their Talent asphalt plant, shutting down the business under threat of hefty fines.

Rubenstein's ruling was based on supposed increased site activity and risk of fire. He also ruled that the business was not grandfathered-in, due to a non-conforming use differing from the business run previously at the site - a concrete plant. The campaign against the business was spear-headed by Steve Rouse, President of Rogue Advocates, a local 'advocacy' group.  Also, residents of a near by trailer park complained of the increased traffic and noise during summer months.  Job creation is just a nuisance to some, apparently.

Question - who puts an old folks trailer park on a highway next to an industrial plant which has been in operation for many years? The previous business was grandfathered-in, obviously pre-dating the zoning regulation. 

Once again, this is a case, just like the Fielder Dam Removal scandal, where Donald Rubenstein's personal life and ideologies are getting in the way of justice for citizens and businesses of our region. Another glaring conflict of interest involving Mr. Rubenstein has reared it's ubiquitous head.

Pepper Trail, a local radical enviro is a board member of Rogue Advocates. He is deeply involved with Rubenstein's pet project that nets millions of dollars each year, the Southern Oregon Land Conservancy. Trail is a member of SOLC, a donor to SOLC, and a speaker/presenter at SOLC events. This is clearly another conflict of interest, something Rubenstein excels at.   (Below are just a few instances as an example.)
Pepper Trail, Rogue Advocates Board Member
Pepper Trail, speaker at SOLC event.
SOLC Newsletter, Fall, 2009

Pepper Trail, Contributor to SOLC
SOLC 2008 Annual Report
Pepper Trail, Member of SOLC
SOLC 2008 Annual Report

When is Donald Rubenstein going to be removed from his unelected office? When is this man going to be brought to task for his conflicts of interest? When is Jackson County going to cease allowing the Southern Oregon extremist environmental contingent to run the county, destroy our businesses and jobs, and usurp our private property rights?

Donald Rubenstein's roots in the radical environmental movement all along the west coast run deep and wide. He is a life-long enviro. He is a founder of several environmental groups. He is steeped in agenda. His decisions are not impartial. He is not forthcoming with adequate disclosures regarding his relationships with the people who are attempting to destroy our jobs and our private property rights.

Jackson County has become a joke. An unfunny, offensive joke. The level of Boss Hog corruption is legendary, and frankly, incredibly sad.

Rubenstein must go. He is not fit to sit in judgment over us and does not possess an impartial eye. This abuse of office to further his radical enviro agenda must end.

Permit for Talent Paving Plant Denied by Tony Boom (Mail Tribune, 29th September, 2015)

Rogue Advocates Website – Board Members

SOLC 2008 Annual Report

SOLC 2014 Annual Report

SOLC Fall 2009 Newsletter

Friday, September 18, 2015

Hey, Enviros, How You Doing?

Hey, Enviros, how you doing?

Oh, wait – I guess you can't answer that, can you?

I mean, there's no way you can be reading this, since you don't own a computer or a smartphone, because they are made with rare earth minerals and you're rabidly anti-mining, right?
And I guess you don't actually have a house you could put that computer in either, since you're so radically anti-logging and most houses are built with timber, right?

And I'm sure you would never sully your green little organic cotton-clad derriere by sitting it in something as crass as a motor vehicle, because they're made from the spoils of the M word, just like most other things that are not grown, right?

And I know there's no way you could be reading this, since, in actual fact, you are a real, true, EnvironMENTAList running around completely naked in the woods, foraging for roots and berries, right?

You're not?


You're sitting in your SUV checking your email on your smartphone to see if the organization founded by a LUMBER MAGNATE approved your application for a $100,000 grant, so you can degrade more property rights and terrorize more innocent old ladies, pollute some more rivers, and sue the piss out of the federal government some more?

Well, you're just a great big phony-ass, money-grabbing, land-stealing, anti-humanist, Agenda 21-pushing, hypocrite then, aren't you?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Image Credits :
Hypocrisy Definition Graphic -

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Boycott List - Stop Supporting the Enviro Funders!

UPDATE : [9/09/2015]  Contact information for the businesses on the boycott list is being added.  We have only listed what we believe are BUSINESS addresses only, not personal home addresses. We've also added email addresses.  Some phone numbers are available on the vendor's website also.

It is with true, heart-felt sorrow that we here at The Wild Truth – Environmentalism Exposed publish this boycott list.

After much discussion, deliberation and soul-searching, we have decided that we can no longer justify continuing to support individuals and businesses who feed the KS Wild money machine. (There will be more businesses added to this list to include the supporters of other local enviros, like WaterWatch, Geos Institute and others.)

Some of these businesses are ones that we have personally adored, supported and frequented for many years, and have greatly appreciated their efforts and dedication to bring us clean, healthy, chemical-free and organic food and wines, and many others from artists to coffee stands to massage therapists. We truly appreciate the hard work and dedication all of these people have put forth to provide their wonderful wares and services to our communities.

But, alas, the time has come when we must cease to support the people and businesses who are aiding and abetting extremist eviros like KS Wild and their phony conservation message which is nothing more than Agenda 21 at work – a UN directive to end private property ownership. And, no, it's NOT a conspiracy theory - it's a conspiracy FACT.

So-called environmentalism is destroying our valley, killing our businesses, polluting our water, eradicating our natural resources jobs and the industries which support them, and turning our main streets into Ghost Towns.

KS Wild sometimes make in excess of $1 million per year in individual contributions and foundation grants. These foundations – largely founded by Industrialist families, have stock portfolios that suck up millions from corporations in the very industries they claim to be fighting – Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Agra, Monsanto, Mining conglomerates, Frakkers, polluters, and add in some baby killers and white supremacists. 

We've seen KS Wild spend $80,000 on so-called 'projects' in a year where they took in more than $1 million. They charge $70 per head for their annual dinner, and everything for that fundraiser is donated. This is the very event that fills their coffers with cash, donated to them by the gullible and ignorant who think they are 'making a difference,' and 'saving the planet,' who have over-stuffed bank accounts and are under-stocked on brains.
We know this sounds harsh, and probably a little mean-spirited, but we are at a critical junction here and these enviro groups are out of control. The government is complicit and aiding them in poisoning the water with dam removals, and have been for several years. Right now, due to and Geos Institute removing Fielder Dam on Evans Creek, the ARSENIC level is more than 3,000 TIMES the recommended EPA safe level.  That's not a typo - it is THREE THOUSAND TIMES HIGHER than the recommended EPA safe level.  Those pollutants are eventually going to work their way down to the Grants Pass Water Supply.
Please, please, PLEASE, educate yourself on these enviro groups and know who you are giving your hard-earned cash to and what they are going to do with it.  It probably won't be what you think. They spend a surprisingly small amount on actually doing anything.

The reason that the Rogue Valley even exists as a populated area is because of our natural resources jobs. The miners and the loggers, the farmers and ranchers, are the very people who built this region, who gave us water, who gave us infrastructure, who built our schools, who formed our first government. Groups like KS Wild are attempting, along with rogue, insurgent agencies like BLM to completely eradicate our history, the legacies of our settlers, and to besmirch the very names of the men and women who created the place that we love, the place we live – our home – the Rogue Valley. 

Please DO NOT remove your support from any of these individuals or businesses if it would be detrimental to your health or wellbeing, or cause you, you family, or your loved ones any hardship. WE care about PEOPLE, NOT FISH or TREES!

[NOTE : The following businesses either give money, goods, or services to KS Wild, either as members of the organization, as cash donations, or as contributions to their annual fund-raising dinner. This list will be updated frequently to add the supporters of other enviro groups also.]

Please consider joining us in removing your support from the following, complicit businesses –
AZ Catering
Oak Leaf Creamery
795 Stewart Rd
Indigo Creek Outfitters
130 A St. #2B

American River Touring Association
24000 Casa Loma Road
Berryvale Grocery
305 S Mt Shasta Blvd
MT. SHASTA, CA 96067

Big Tree Farms
700 Mistletoe Rd
Carlos Delgado – Architect
217 4th St.
Email Form
Cecelia Howard – Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
208 Oak St., Ste. 207
ASHLAND, OR  97520
Jefferson State Financial Group (Rabid anti-mining activist)
557 E River St.
PO Box 1668
Kathy A. Sprick, D.D.S
21 S Front St
Kinder Stout Piano Service
130 Orange Ave.
Rogue Creamery
P.O. Box 3606
Email Contact Form
Northwest Rafting Company
913 Hull St.
Email Contact Form
Ashland Creek Inn
70 Water St.
Aquatic Ecosystem Sciences
295 E Main St.
330 Hersey St., #2
Mark Machala Chiropractic Physician
850 Siskiyou Blvd,
Plant Oregon Nursery
8677 Wagner Cr. Rd,
TALENT, OR 97540
Richard Billin Attorney at Law
311 S. Holly St.
Rogue Valley Strength & Conditioning
1467 Siskiyou Blvd, #146
Standing Stone Brewing Co.
The Downey Company Home Builders
The Flat Top
True South Solar
Acupuncture, Health & Healing
Ashland Commons
Bret Snyder Construction
Carlyle F. Stout III Attorney at Law
Ciota Engineering
Cucina Biazzi
Ken Cairn Landscape Architecture
Majestic Properties of Ashland,
Mother Earth Pet Products
New Leaf Massage
Renewable Energy Systems LLC
Wessler Design Associates, Inc.
Jens Sehm Fine Furniture & Custom Woodwork
Barking Moon Farm
Base Camp Brewing Beer
Citizen Big Tree Farms
Bradford Family Farms
Cowhorn Vineyard & Garden
Cuckoo’s Nest
Eagle Mill Farms
Dunbar Farms
Port Orford Sustainable Seafood
Green Springs Inn
Ashland Alternative Health
Computer Doctor of Ashland
Dan the Backhoe Man
Full Circle Real Estate
Grateful Meds Oregon
Kleiman & Stamper Physical Therapy
Herb Pharm
Inner Synergy
Jahfirm Productions
Jani Rollins, MD
Master Craft Wood Floors, Inc
Momentum River Expeditions
One Voice Associates, LLC
Oregon Solar Works
Pacific Domes
Rogue Valley Runners
ScienceWorks Museum
Shawn's Rideshare
Southern Oregon Mediation Center
Upper Limb-it Tree Service
Valley Rain Harvesting
Wessler Design Associates, Inc.
Wild Rose Herbs
DAQ Connect
Deluxe Awning Company
The Fish Queen
Grant Ruiz
Jamboree Trees Inc
Rogue Basin Coordinating Council
Simply Inspired Software
Village Shoes
Vitalist School of Herbology
Get n Gear
Mountain Supply
Fry Family Farm
Happy Dirt Farm
Le Mera Gardens
One Leaf Micro Greens
Pasture 42
Rogue Creamery
Siskiyou Sustainable Cooperative
Thompson Creek Organic
Upper Rogue Organic
Ashland Outdoor Store
Cog Wild
Flywheel Bikes
Wandering Fields Farm
Wandering Roots Farm
Whistling Duck Farm
Wild Bee Honey Farm
Wild Wines
Willow-Witt Ranch
Wolf Gulch Farm
Wooldridge Creek Winery
Wylie’s Honey Brews
Ashland Art Center
Ashland Custom Frame
Azizi Jewelry
Gallerie Karon
Heart and Hands
Northwest Nature Shop
South Coast Tours, LLC
Southern Oregon Fencing Center
Sunday Afternoons, Inc.
Jesse Hodges Photography
Matt Witt Photography
Ashland Independent Film Fest
Blue Giraffe Day Spa
Breitenbush Hot Springs
Jade Mountain Medicine
Kayla Starr Massage
Mountain Center Fitness
Robert Good, Law Office
Sergei Boutenko
Siskiyou Chiropractic
Antiquarium Books
Nimbus Oregon
Cabaret Oregon
Shakespeare Festival
Lusha Designs
Image Collective
Sunday Afternoons, Inc.
Ashland Chamber of Commerce
Case Coffee
Cold Creek Inn
Dobra Tea House
Home State BBQ
Jacksonville Inn
Mihama Teriyaki Grill
Morning Glory
Noble Coffee
Oregon Caves Chateau
Shop’n Kart
Uber Herbal
Anytime Fitness
Flower Tyme
Growing Green Baby
Love Revolution
Paddington Station
TreeHouse Books
Cripple Creek Music Co

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Fish, Not Gold? I'd Rather Have Gold, Not Fish or Felons!

Washington State Rep. Gael Tarleton must have an incredibly firmly entrenched radical environmental agenda. So much so, she doesn't even care that the inspiration behind her anti-mining bill is a convicted felon, a thief, and a fraudster.

Former Attorney Kim McDonald Arrested – 7 Counts of Bank Fraud, 4 Counts Mail Fraud

HB 2579, the Give Fish a Chance Act (no, really,) is an anti-mining bill that would restrict a federally-protected and congressionally-granted right, supposedly in order to protect endangered species of fish.

Tarleton pimped out Dr. Fraudster's blog post about her scary encounter with – GASP! - a miner! Eeeekkk! You can read the excruciating blog post if you despise your eyes enough –

And see Tarleton drooling over it, if you need to purge –

Kim McDonald is a disbarred attorney, convicted felon (mail fraud / bank fraud) and is the founder of Fish, Not Gold (She is NOT to be confused with Washington attorney Kimberly A McDonald.) McDonald raided the accounts of clients whose Trust Funds she administrated. Her client list included basketball legend Chuck Randall.

As a hate-monger toward miners, McDonald regurgitates the same tired old manipulated study that falsely shows digging a hole in the stream bed kills fish, when in actual fact, dredging removes tons of fishing weights made from lead, naturally-occurring mercury, and other junk and pollutants harmful to the fish. And Enviros suck up millions of dollars each year in order to 'restore' salmon habitat – by digging a hole in the stream bed. Same thing miners do – for free! They're pretty smart those soy-eating, sandal-wearing, yogurt knitters, aren't they?

Is this how far down our politicians need to sink to find justification for their ideologies and policies – using a dirty lawyer who stole her clients money, then copped a psyche to try and get out of it, Girl, Interrupted style? Really? What an absolute disgrace to her office and her party Gael Tarleton is. For shame, Mrs. Tarleton. For shame.

Unfortunately, the powers that be are fully on board with the Phony Green Agenda, and are taking our rights, our property and our freedom from all of us, one Endangered Species scam at a time.

Oh, and Kimmy – I know you're notorious for threatening people who try to expose you, with law suits and all sorts of legal shenanigans, but, sweetie, you can't sue somebody for libel or defamation WHEN THEY'RE TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU! But go ahead, and make a bigger disgrace of yourself than you already are. Go ahead and discredit yourself even further. If you live in a glass house, you should stay away from stones. We have no problem repeating all this in court.

SOURCES – (Some interesting reading on the criminal - well worth a look to learn about the case and the extent of what she did, and other related links for your perusal.)

Ex-Attorney Sentenced for Thefts

Shelterwood Consulting – Dr. Fraud's 'Consulting' Business
In case you're in the market for a convicted felon, thief, and disbarred attorney to do some Eco-Pirate advocacy for you, here's the jail-bird's 'consulting' website.

Former Attorney Kimberlee Ann McDonald Arrested (September 1st, 1993)
She was charged with defrauding Rainier National Bank, Security Pacific Bank, Seafirst Bank, Washington Mutual Savings Bank and Metropolitan Federal Savings and Loan.”

McDonald, 38, is accused of manipulating accounts at the banks by writing worthless checks totaling $170,000, drawn against various trust accounts she maintained. She would then deposit the checks to other accounts or use the money for partial payment of a loan, according to prosecutors. She also is accused of inappropriately using $220,000 entrusted to her by her clients.”

Ex-Attorney Sentenced for Thefts (March 15th, 1998)
But the judge cited mitigating circumstances – testimony during the trial that McDonald suffered from a mental impairment – as one reason for not imposing an exceptional sentence.”

State v. McDonald (May 15th 2000)
At the conclusion of a bench trial, the court found her guilty, as charged, and imposed a sentence of 14 months in prison for two of the counts and 22 months for the remaining four counts. The sentences are to be served concurrently.”

Puzzling Justice (October 9th, 2006)
Does Kimberlee McDonald's case reveal prosecutors bent on revenge or a con artist working the system?

She brought this on herself,” Peterson says of McDonald, and he stresses that there were real victims who suffered real financial hardships as a result of her actions. Moreover, he reveals what McDonald does not: While she paid restitution to the defrauded bank as a result of the federal case, most of her victimized clients received nothing.”

So who is McDonald really—a reformed sinner or a scam artist?”

My Impossible Dream : The Story of Chuck Randall (January 28th, 2008)
She was sentenced to jail. Now, every three months or so, I get a check for about fifteen dollars. Whoopee!”

Rep. Gael Tarleton's Washington House Democrats Blog

Gael Tarleton's HB 2579 – The Give Fish a Chance Act

Monday, August 31, 2015

Donald Rubenstein : Portrait of an Enviro

[This post is lengthy but it is necessarily so. It is loaded with evidence that proves our claims. All information included in this article was procured either by internet search or FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request. All information and images are either freely available online or are part of Public Record. Images and extracts that may be subject to copyright are displayed here under FAIR USE. Please click on the images to enlarge.]

You may not know the name Donald Rubenstein as yet. But you will. Mr. Rubenstein is going to be the subject of much debate over the coming weeks. His name will probably be appearing on local media outlets.

Donald Rubenstein is the Hearings Officer for Jackson County, an unelected official who sits in judgment of residents and citizens of the county, subverting due process, since it is not a court of law and Mr. Rubenstein has sworn no oath to uphold the Constitution. Much of what Mr. Rubenstein does is make decisions on Land Use applications, like the one submitted to him for the removal of Fielder Dam on Evans Creek. The dam was removed in early August.
As a public official, even an appointed one, he is required to disclose any and all information that could be construed as a Conflict of Interest – this is a veritable sport in Jackson and Josephine counties. In his RFP (Request for Proposal) for the position of Hearings Officer for JaxCo, he made the following statement –


We heartily disagree with that statement.  We know of many, many conflicts of interest that may interfere with his ability to be an effective Hearings Officer.
At a public hearing in opposition the the dam removal, called for by the family representative of the alleged owners of the land upon which Fielder Dam sat, Mr Rubenstein made a declaration before commencing proceedings. He stated –

With respect to my, uh, personal participation I would like to disclose I know two people who are involved in one way or another in this application. Brian Barr, who is the applicant is a gentleman I have met on two, perhaps three occasions. I would hardly say we have a close personal relationship, but he is somebody who I have met and had a conversation or two with, from time to time. And secondly, the second applicant, the Geos Institute has on its board Ken Margolis who is a personal friend, and, uh, uh, whom I have known for a number of years. I can assure everyone I have had no contact with either of these people with respect to this issue, I never will have contact with either of these people with respect to this issue. That, I believe, would be improper. I agree I would have to disclose it if I had. But I have not had contact, I will not have contact with them about this matter.”

That isn't really the whole story of Mr. Rubenstein's relationship with Geos Institute, Brian Barr or a very important person he omitted to mention, Bob Hunter from WaterWatch of Oregon. Mr. Hunter is the catalyst for many dam removals in recent years, including this one.

Upon being asked by Rod Crume, the representative of the alleged dam owners about his relationship with Bob Hunter, Mr. Rubenstein was outraged and stated –

Mr. Crume, I have made disclosures that are both required by law, and are honest and complete. Whatever contact I may have had with Mr. Hunter isn't relevant to this matter, because he is not a party to this matter. He is not the applicant, and does not appear on any of the filings. He may very well have participated in the work, uh, to remove this dam, but he is not a party, he's not an applicant. Now having said that, I will tell you, and I have no obligation to tell you – and you have failed in your decision, in your, uh, purpose in not offending me. I will tell you that I do know Mr. Hunter. Occasionally, perhaps four times. I am not a personal friend of his, and he, uh, this relationship bears absolutely no bearing on my decision.”

Mr. Rubenstein was visibly flustered by the question; this is obvious in his somewhat rambling choice of words. His statement, we believe, is entirely false. To say that Bob Hunter “isn't relevant” to the Fielder Dam removal project is preposterous. He is the heart and soul of the project, and was the applicant to procure grant funding from Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife (ODFW) in Phase 1 of the project.


So, just how far does Mr. Rubenstein's relationship with these radical enviro groups go?
Very far, indeed. Quite disturbingly far, actually.


Mr. Rubenstein is the current Secretary of the Southern Oregon Land Conservancy (SOLC) and has been a member of this group since 2008. The SOLC office is at 84 4th Street, Ashland - the same address as Geos Institute (a climate change alarmist corporation who rake in millions per year to brainwash the innocent and the ignorant.) Geos Institute owns the building according to Jackson County Assessor's Office records.


LINK : Jackson County Assessor's Office Property Data

NOTE: Right now, this address is not searchable – it won't come up no matter which permutation of the address we try. The only way it comes up now is to leave the street blank, type in 84 where it says HOUSE # and hit SEARCH. Click on page 3 of the results. You will see the evidence of the image above.


Mr. Rubenstein is the founder of several environmental groups, including but not limited to The Marin Agricultural Land Trust, and the Land Trust Exchange (now named the Land Trust Alliance with 1,700 chapters across the US.) He also founded the Environmental Law Society at the University of San Francisco. He has also been employed by enviro groups, the Land Conservancy and the California Coastal Conservancy. (Confirmation of all these can be found on his LinkedIn page.)


Bob Hunter of WaterWatch of Oregon (,) an overly-litigious and very aggressive environmentalist group operating in Oregon and California, is a thirty-plus year member of the SOLC and is a past board member (1980s.) Mr Hunter, along with Brian Barr of the Geos Institute, host nature hikes and birding trips (sometimes jointly,) for the SOLC.

IMAGE LINK - Bob Hunter Birding Outing for SOLC

IMAGE LINK - Bob Hunter & Brian Barr Birding Outing for SOLC
Mr. Hunter also received a conservation award from the SOLC in 2015 and attended the 30th anniversary of their first board meeting. Mr. Hunter donates money to the SOLC on a regular basis.

PDF LINK - Newsletter featuring both Bob Hunter Honored and Rogue River Preserve articles



SOLC currently runs a project called Rogue River Preserve. On the “steering committee” of this project are Mr. Rubenstein and Mr. Barr. Mr. Hunter is listed as an “adviser” to this committee.



In an attempt to obscure the close relationship between Brian Barr, the Geos Institute, and Donald Rubenstein and the SOLC, a false address was listed for the Geos Institute in the announcement for the public meeting regarding the Fielder Dam removal. This meeting was requested by Rodney Crume, representing the owners of the land on which the dam allegedly sat.

The address, 89 Alder St, Central Point is actually the address for the Jackson Soil & Water Conservation District, [JSWCD] [a branch of State Department of Agriculture,] and listed by Google as a County Government Office. This address also houses the USDA Farm Services Agency, Rural Development, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Also housed is the Rogue River Watershed Council, a Non-Profit organization of which Brian Barr is the Executive Director. This is not the address of the Geos Institute, which is, as stated above, 84 4th Street, Ashland. We believe this address was used in an attempt to willfully obscure the fact that Brian Barr's Geos Institute and Donald Rubenstein's SOLC reside in the same building. It should be noted that the 84 4th Street address is not an office building, but a converted, one-story house, owned by the Geos Institute.



NOTE : It should be noted that Geos Institute is the new name for the notorious radical enviro group, Headwaters, Inc, also formerly known as  NCCSP (National Center for Conservation Science & Policy.) The HISTORY of this group is truly detestable. These are some of the very people responsible for the destruction of our counties and our natural resources jobs. 

Those mentioned in this article are culpable in the poisoning of Evans Creek.

There is no excuse for the lack of EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) prior to removing the dam.

There is no excuse for threatening land owners with ruin should they not comply.

There is no excuse for illegally removing Wimer Dam BEFORE the permits were in place.

There is no excuse for creating the environmental disaster that has been deliberately thrust upon Evans Creek and its residents, both human and animal. 

WaterWatch, Geos Institute, Bob Hunter, Brian Barr and Donald Rubenstein – there is no excuse for what you have done, not in the name of ANYTHING or ANYONE, let alone fish.
What Would Jefferson Do? (Much thanks to WWJD? for sharing the FOIA info)

Friday, August 28, 2015

Got Arsenic? Fielder Dam Removal - UPDATE - Lab Test Results

Got arsenic?  You do now!

It gives us no pleasure whatsoever to be proven right on this and we regret we have to report some very troubling findings as this story develops.

The initial lab results are in for the testing of samples from the former site of Fielder Dam on Evans Creek, a major tributary of the Rogue River.

The dam, demolished in a joint project by WaterWatch of Oregon and Geos Institute and their partners in crime River Design Group, Staton Construction, and various government agencies are all liable for the poisoning of the creek which has just resulted from the removal.

The preliminary lab results are -

ALUMINUM : 17,065 ppm  [EPA recommended level 20 ppm]
ARSENIC : 21.1 ppm [EPA recommended level 7 ppb]
ALUMINUM, of which high levels in drinking water are indicated in Alzheimers and other cognitive impairment disorders, is recommended by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) not to exceed 20 parts per million.  The Fielder Dam sample tested at 17,605 parts per million.
ARSENIC, recommended by the EPA not to exceed 7 parts per BILLION, tested at 21.1 parts per MILLION!  That means the result was "three magnitudes higher" than recommended for safe levels, according to Eric Schaafsma, Technical Director of Grants Pass Water Laboratory.  That means 3000 times higher
3 THOUSAND TIMES HIGHER.  Let that sink in for a moment.
And that sample was just water, not sediment, where concentrations of heavy metals will be higher due to their weight.  And that was only on the day demolition work began.  At that time, only 2 feet of the dam had been removed.
There is 3/4 - 1 mile of sediment now sitting in the spot where Fielder Dam once stood.  We estimate the sediment is at least 15 feet deep, perhaps deeper. As yet, we do not know how badly contaminated the sediments are, but those sediments, over time, will be working their way down the Rouge River and end up in Josephine County and Grants Pass water supplies. 
Although Mr. Schaafsma didn't state the actual level of CHROMIUM tested, he said that he did not speciate, just tested entire Chromium level and it was "a concern."
People, this is serious.  That contaminated water may have already reached our water supply.  The even more contaminated sediments will follow over the course of months or years, depending on the water levels and flow in Evans Creek, presuming it will have water again at some point.
Mr. Schaafsma also reported that after the entire demolition was completed, the water at the former dam site was red and a "sheen."  This tested as iron bacteria.  The red color of the remaining water was caused by a huge release of iron build up behind the dam.  He also reported traces of radioactive uranium.
They did this to improve 'salmon habitat.' What about our habitat?  What about our rights to exist? Do WaterWatch and Geos Institute - the people responsible for this disaster - despise people so much that they wish us harm?  Do they care so much about fish that they are willing to poison and sicken people, us, me, you, with deadly toxins?  It should be noted that all the dams that have been removed and are DOWNSTREAM of where most of these self-righteous fish worshipers live - Ashland.
Please watch the entire video below to hear Mr. Schaafsma's worrying account of his test results, as given to the Josephine County Board of Commissioners on Thursday, 27th August, 2015.
Sources :
Jo Co Commissioners Meeting Video by Dale Matthews,
(Mr. Schaafsma's comments and the lab results were transcribed from this video.)
Sample Testing from Fielder Dam : Grants Pass Water Laboratory

Monday, August 24, 2015

Fielder Dam Removal : Did Waterwatch Just Cause an Environmental Disaster on Evans Creek?

 "...for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."
                                                                            - Galatians 6:7
Local 'clean water' advocates, (oh, the irony,) Waterwatch of Oregon, Inc, have just caused what may be an ecological disaster on Evans Creek, a major tributary of the Rogue River in Southern Oregon.

In the following video clips, shot at the location where Fielder Dam stood until last week, you will see that the creek is now almost completely dry, filled with tons of sediment piles, and what little water remains is filled with what is more than likely toxic run-off from upstream. Samples have been taken and will be analyzed directly.

CLICK HERE to see all 7 short clips from the Waterwatch / Geos Institute Fielder Dam removal site.

If one compares these clips with the recent catastrophe in Colorado caused by the EPA, (Environmental Protection Agency, an inaptly named oxymoronic agency if there ever was one,) you will see that the color of the run-off is identical and may be the same, or a similar substance.

The dam, one of two taken out in the last month – the other was Wimer Dam near by – had long been the target of local extremist environmental groups Waterwatch, and the Geos Institute. Bob Hunter, attorney for Waterwatch, and Brian Barr of Geos Institute, the applicant for the removal of the dam, have both been at the forefront of this project for five years. These are the men responsible for whatever has been released into the watershed. Once it has been confirmed what the toxic run-off actually is, these men will be brought to justice for their ecological crime.

When a dam is removed – or any structure which has accumulated sediment behind it in a waterway – an EIS (Environmental Impact Statement,) is required before some of the permits are granted. No EIS was done, as far as we can tell. Wimer Dam was taken our without all the required permits in place. 
The preliminary sediment studies done were a joke. If you really want to find out if there are heavy metals, like mercury, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, etc, they are heavy, they sink – you have to dig deep, way down to the bedrock where these substances will settle. If you don't want to find them, take sediment samples off the top or a few inches down and you will find what River Design Group found – nothing. Which, we must assume, is just what they wanted to find. River Design Group were contracted to oversee the permit process, sample testing and the logistics of the dam removal.

Also currently under investigation are KS Wild and the ubiquitous Waterwatch, the main advocates for the removal of the Savage Rapids Dam, the Gold Ray Dam, and the Gold Hill Diversion Dam in 2009 and 2010, and the subsequent probable poisoning of Grants Pass City water. Stay tuned. 

Check out this video from a public meeting regarding the removal of dams on the Klamath River. The meeting, from 2013, was attended by Waterwatch Project Manager, the smirking, superior Jim McCarthy.  Also present was local activist Alan Ehr, who is EPA credentialed, and has been trying for years to get the authorities to listen to him about the toxicity potential of dam removal, and about the possible cancer cluster in Grants Pass from the removal of Savage Rapids and Gold Ray dams.


Enviros, cohorts, co-conspirators, hear this – your time of running rampant in our region with impunity is over. A day of reckoning is coming and all of you who have been involved in poisoning our water and killing our children will be brought to justice – by using the laws, regulations and legislation YOU crafted and lobbied for to bludgeon us all with.
We, the people...are really pissed.