Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Eco-Terrorists Threaten Federal Government & Local Businesses

This poster was found outside the Applegate Store in Applegate, Oregon. It is an anonymous poster, but through our Ninja-class research skills, we believe we have found the culprit. We're working on conclusive proof.

So, the local chapter of Enviro-Tards R Us are getting their organic cotton panties in a bunch about a timber sale in the Upper Applegate, referred to as the Nedsbar Timber Sale.
If you read the back of the poster, you will see the following threat -
"The BLM has proposed to open up thousands of acres of forests to logging. The details of this project named Nedsbar, will be decided in July of 2015. Let's take matters into our own hands and stop this logging operation before it starts, through disruption of business as usual and sabotage.

Instead of open season on wild hogs we are declaring open season on the real swine, the institutions that support the timber sale and any company that bids on it."
 So, did you get that? They say “...we are declaring open season on the real swine the institutions that support the timber sale and any company that bids on it.” That is a DIRECT THREAT to the federal government! Details of this terror threat have been forwarded to the FBI and other relevant government agencies.

And, once again, the trust fund-suckers and the corporate grant vampires are trying to destroy yet more jobs in our local areas. It would be awesome if we could all live off Daddy's dirty industrial fortune, or alternately, suckle at the ever-milky money tit of Monsanto and Big Oil, like the environmentalist parasites like KS Wild and other 501 (c) 3s do.

But I must congratulate all you tree-hugging corporate whores – you're doing a bang-up job of getting rid of the little guys and the Mom & Pop local businesses to make way for the international conglomerates you bend over for. I know they leave a nice fat stack on your nightstand, but when they've had their way with you, and your precious forests, there will be nothing left but desert and strip mines. You know, after you've gotten rid of the guy who cuts half a million board feet* a year in his 2-man timber operation, and the guy who mines every second weekend during in-water time, busting his ass with a tiny, rinky-dink 2” dredge and moves a whole 12 yards per annum.

Bravo! I bet you'll love it when southern Oregon looks like Hiroshima after the conglomerates move in. You guys must really hate trees, owls, and fish.

* NOTE : To put it in perspective, a large logging operation can cut hundreds of MILLIONS of board feet a year.

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