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Adolf Hitler - Father of Environmentalism

“It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” – Mark Twain.
If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” – [probable misquote popularly attributed to] Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Party's Propaganda Minister.

[If you are skeptical about so called 'global warming' or if you are against radical extremist environmentalism, one is often called a 'right-winger.' So, let me just say, so there is no contention about it, to be 'right-wing,' one would have to be ignorant enough to believe in the false paradigm of the two-party system. Make no mistake - the puppet on the left is bought and paid for by the same group of people who pull the strings of the puppet on the right.]

For me, the subject of radical environmentalism is not political, not in the sense of left or right. It transcends the political and crosses over into the realms of religious dogma. It is a wolf in sheep's clothing that is eroding our freedom and our private lives, across class, status, tax brackets, geography and other demographic identifiers.

This is, of course, in reference to the the low-level, on-the-ground activists, say, the local chapter of Owls R US whose spokesperson tells us all how horrible we are and we should give up our land and water rights for birds and fish and slugs. These people are what is commonly know among the Powers That Be as Useful Idiots. Think of them as the Green Gestapo of the enviro movement. In a hot war they would be deemed cannon fodder military Top Brass.

But the Environmental movement is indeed political at its heart. The sting-pullers of the entire hoax are a political elite who want to control everything, down to where you can live and what you eat. The common or garden radical enviro does not know they are a disposable pawn in a global chess game. They have absolutely no idea. Like I said, idiots, but somewhat useful.

Radical environmentalism is a religion. It is a cult. Its doctrine is rooted in the philosophy of the German National Socialist Party, commonly known as the Nazis. Hitler was a vegetarian who passed laws on animal rights and had his military planting trees to save the forests, whilst simultaneously exterminating millions of human beings, and conducting barbarous medical experiments on others.

Although Hitler and his Nazi Party didn't introduce environmentalism to Germany – it was a long-standing, deep-rooted reaction, Europe-wide, to the Industrial Revolution – they did turn it into the dangerous extremist cult that it is today. They did value trees and fish and animals over human lives. They had the same phobic stances on hydro-electric dams across the Rhine as our own, home-grown environmental terrorists do.

Terrorists? Strong word. Is it warranted?

What else would you call a group of people who threaten property owners with seizure of their land, their home, and legal action if they do not consent to the removal of a dam (to help some fishies,) that extends into their property?

Like I said, terrorists.

Today, Hitler would be proud of the destruction to our human existence that radical environmentalist groups are wreaking upon the population of southern Oregon and elsewhere. From the eradication of our Natural Resources jobs, state-wide, to the removal of dams which have allowed a slew of toxic chemicals entry to our drinking water which may already be linked to cancer clusters, and the incremental encroachment on private property and property rights in the name of endangered species habitats.

But it is not just Oregon they are attempting to destroy. It's the whole of the United States. The whole world. If you don't know what Agenda 21 is, Google it. This is the directive that all extremist enviros are following, the same doctrine that our own domestic agencies like BLM (the Bureau of Land Management) are ascribing to.

Just in case you thing Agenda 21 is a conspiracy theory, it's not.

It's really not.

It's conspiracy FACT.

Buzz-phrases like sustainable development, wildlands projects, and global biodiversity will pepper the literature produced by rogue government agencies and radical enviros alike. BLM, for instance, are openly following UN directives (which Agenda 21 is,) and completely flouting federal law on a massive scale. In fact, their lawlessness is tantamount to sedition. They are seizing private property from US citizens, all in the name of fish, trees and owls and global biodiversity, wildlands projects, and sustainable development. Our jobs (especially in the area of natural resources,) are being eradicated via endless lawsuits being brought against a hardly-objecting, envirocentric BLM and other agencies.

Land …cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principle instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth, therefore, contributes to social injustice.” – UN's Habitat I, the first United Nations Conference on Human Settlements, Vancouver, Canada, 1976.

This is what the average so-called 'environmentalist' believes. This is what the real agenda is. So, to be clear, YOU working hard for a living to buy yourself and your family a nice home to grow up and grow older in is SOCIALLY UNJUST. Unless, of course, you are the chairman of an enviro group on $65,000 a year who begs money from huge conglomerate corporations, and have a Redwood deck that cost thousands of dollars whilst taking the jobs of loggers all over the region. (Yes, YOU, George Sexton from KS Wild.)

This level of hypocrisy is rife within the so-called environmentalism movement. Another example would be the enviro parasite group the Sierra Fund currently dredging the rivers to remove toxins. I suppose they throw the gold back in the river, do they? No, they don't, funnily enough – they MARKET it and SELL it under the moniker E3 Gold Initiative. These are the insurgents currently trying to destroy all small-scale mining – but not mining for the conglomerates corporations, of course, and not for themselves. A truly disgusting and diabolical group of shysters, in my humble opinion, with the integrity, human decency and warmth of a festering dead fish.

These enviro groups preach to us about saving the trees and fish whilst taking money from the likes of the Weeden Foundation who have funded white-supremacist groups, Eugenics research, and the baby killers at Planned Parenthood. They proselytize, urging us to convert to their religion and worship the pristine waterways they claim to protect, whilst making sure that the rivers are actually deadly cesspools, for the fish as well as us. The removal of the Savage Rapids and Gold Ray dams killed thousands of fish. Skin-crawlingly embarrassing hypocrisy that would be comical – if it wasn't for the death and destruction that is coming our way because of what they have done.

All of this nonsense is tied up with the controlled, so-called feminist movement, liberalism, socialism, and the rabid yelling of “that's racist!” at anybody who dares to disagree with somebody who is of a different ethnicity. All of these things are inextricably linked to the other. They are all designed to undermine our family ties, our rights, our possessions, and our very minds. They attempt to make us fear saying ANYTHING to ANYONE, in case we offend somebody.

So, what does that all have to do with Nazis?

Social control.

It's all about control. Control of everything. Control of everyone. Control of your life. Control of your mind, your thoughts, your very existence. Control of you, your children. Hitler's utopia.

There is a very sinister and dark undercurrent that flows beneath the surface of the environmental movement. It is a movement driven by hate, populated by people who despise everybody, and none more than themselves, and who are hell-bent on the destruction of life as we know it.

They want a personal apocalypse for each and every one of us. They want to tell us that we can't go down that road in the woods with an ATV because a rare slug lives there.

They want to take private property from us because a family of Northern Spotted Owls was discovered on the land.

They want small-scale mining and Mom & Pop logging outfits eliminated from the face of the earth, so that the sources of their funding – corporate mining and logging companies, and other global-corps like Exxon and Monsanto, and the foundations who invest in them, can get richer and richer, rape the land, kill the fish, extinct the owls and clear-cut all the trees, while the rest of us should just go off and die quietly and leave them to carry out their anti-humanist agenda.

They want us to drink water which is now filled with deadly toxins because they removed our dams without doing an Environmental Impact Study. They (the City Council and the Enviros,) were told by an expert, a man who is former EPA (Environmental Protection Agency,) what would happen if those poisons were released down the river by removing the dams without first excavating the toxic sediment. They knew. They knew. And now it's happening.

Monsters. This is what they are. These are the things they are doing to us. Anybody who puts an owl habitat above jobs and people making a living to feed their kids just simply not right. They gouge the agencies with their Sue & Settle tactics, collectively making millions of dollars each year whilst jobs disappear, water is tainted, and farms turn into deserts because they've had their water rights taken from them to save the salmon.

There will be a holocaust in America, one where tens of millions will ultimately die – not by the hand of a political dictator, but by the hand of the Green Reich rising, the so-called Environmental movement who are carrying out human sacrifices to save trees, fish and owls.

RIP USA. We loved you.

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