Monday, August 24, 2015

Fielder Dam Removal : Did Waterwatch Just Cause an Environmental Disaster on Evans Creek?

 "...for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."
                                                                            - Galatians 6:7
Local 'clean water' advocates, (oh, the irony,) Waterwatch of Oregon, Inc, have just caused what may be an ecological disaster on Evans Creek, a major tributary of the Rogue River in Southern Oregon.

In the following video clips, shot at the location where Fielder Dam stood until last week, you will see that the creek is now almost completely dry, filled with tons of sediment piles, and what little water remains is filled with what is more than likely toxic run-off from upstream. Samples have been taken and will be analyzed directly.

CLICK HERE to see all 7 short clips from the Waterwatch / Geos Institute Fielder Dam removal site.

If one compares these clips with the recent catastrophe in Colorado caused by the EPA, (Environmental Protection Agency, an inaptly named oxymoronic agency if there ever was one,) you will see that the color of the run-off is identical and may be the same, or a similar substance.

The dam, one of two taken out in the last month – the other was Wimer Dam near by – had long been the target of local extremist environmental groups Waterwatch, and the Geos Institute. Bob Hunter, attorney for Waterwatch, and Brian Barr of Geos Institute, the applicant for the removal of the dam, have both been at the forefront of this project for five years. These are the men responsible for whatever has been released into the watershed. Once it has been confirmed what the toxic run-off actually is, these men will be brought to justice for their ecological crime.

When a dam is removed – or any structure which has accumulated sediment behind it in a waterway – an EIS (Environmental Impact Statement,) is required before some of the permits are granted. No EIS was done, as far as we can tell. Wimer Dam was taken our without all the required permits in place. 
The preliminary sediment studies done were a joke. If you really want to find out if there are heavy metals, like mercury, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, etc, they are heavy, they sink – you have to dig deep, way down to the bedrock where these substances will settle. If you don't want to find them, take sediment samples off the top or a few inches down and you will find what River Design Group found – nothing. Which, we must assume, is just what they wanted to find. River Design Group were contracted to oversee the permit process, sample testing and the logistics of the dam removal.

Also currently under investigation are KS Wild and the ubiquitous Waterwatch, the main advocates for the removal of the Savage Rapids Dam, the Gold Ray Dam, and the Gold Hill Diversion Dam in 2009 and 2010, and the subsequent probable poisoning of Grants Pass City water. Stay tuned. 

Check out this video from a public meeting regarding the removal of dams on the Klamath River. The meeting, from 2013, was attended by Waterwatch Project Manager, the smirking, superior Jim McCarthy.  Also present was local activist Alan Ehr, who is EPA credentialed, and has been trying for years to get the authorities to listen to him about the toxicity potential of dam removal, and about the possible cancer cluster in Grants Pass from the removal of Savage Rapids and Gold Ray dams.


Enviros, cohorts, co-conspirators, hear this – your time of running rampant in our region with impunity is over. A day of reckoning is coming and all of you who have been involved in poisoning our water and killing our children will be brought to justice – by using the laws, regulations and legislation YOU crafted and lobbied for to bludgeon us all with.
We, the people...are really pissed.


  1. So, let's get this straight, you poisoned our water (EPA - EPIC PERJURE (yourselves) Agency, and then you poisoned our air (DoD), USDA has allowed and encouraged hormones and antibiotics to poison our meet, Congress has allowed and promoted GMO and FDA Allows Vaccine Manufacturers to poison Vaccines and include substances like Fetal Cells, Bovine Kidney Cells.. Mercury .. and then we are mandated to take them. NOT! So, yeah, this person of We The People is beyond pissed off and a DoD Predictive Model says THE WORLD returns to Rule of Law - 90-95% Accurate! Check out @KarenHudes on Twitter. We'll use your money to do it too!

  2. Yep; that sounds pretty accurate, Lovely Critters, unfortunately.

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