Friday, August 28, 2015

Got Arsenic? Fielder Dam Removal - UPDATE - Lab Test Results

Got arsenic?  You do now!

It gives us no pleasure whatsoever to be proven right on this and we regret we have to report some very troubling findings as this story develops.

The initial lab results are in for the testing of samples from the former site of Fielder Dam on Evans Creek, a major tributary of the Rogue River.

The dam, demolished in a joint project by WaterWatch of Oregon and Geos Institute and their partners in crime River Design Group, Staton Construction, and various government agencies are all liable for the poisoning of the creek which has just resulted from the removal.

The preliminary lab results are -

ALUMINUM : 17,065 ppm  [EPA recommended level 20 ppm]
ARSENIC : 21.1 ppm [EPA recommended level 7 ppb]
ALUMINUM, of which high levels in drinking water are indicated in Alzheimers and other cognitive impairment disorders, is recommended by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) not to exceed 20 parts per million.  The Fielder Dam sample tested at 17,605 parts per million.
ARSENIC, recommended by the EPA not to exceed 7 parts per BILLION, tested at 21.1 parts per MILLION!  That means the result was "three magnitudes higher" than recommended for safe levels, according to Eric Schaafsma, Technical Director of Grants Pass Water Laboratory.  That means 3000 times higher
3 THOUSAND TIMES HIGHER.  Let that sink in for a moment.
And that sample was just water, not sediment, where concentrations of heavy metals will be higher due to their weight.  And that was only on the day demolition work began.  At that time, only 2 feet of the dam had been removed.
There is 3/4 - 1 mile of sediment now sitting in the spot where Fielder Dam once stood.  We estimate the sediment is at least 15 feet deep, perhaps deeper. As yet, we do not know how badly contaminated the sediments are, but those sediments, over time, will be working their way down the Rouge River and end up in Josephine County and Grants Pass water supplies. 
Although Mr. Schaafsma didn't state the actual level of CHROMIUM tested, he said that he did not speciate, just tested entire Chromium level and it was "a concern."
People, this is serious.  That contaminated water may have already reached our water supply.  The even more contaminated sediments will follow over the course of months or years, depending on the water levels and flow in Evans Creek, presuming it will have water again at some point.
Mr. Schaafsma also reported that after the entire demolition was completed, the water at the former dam site was red and a "sheen."  This tested as iron bacteria.  The red color of the remaining water was caused by a huge release of iron build up behind the dam.  He also reported traces of radioactive uranium.
They did this to improve 'salmon habitat.' What about our habitat?  What about our rights to exist? Do WaterWatch and Geos Institute - the people responsible for this disaster - despise people so much that they wish us harm?  Do they care so much about fish that they are willing to poison and sicken people, us, me, you, with deadly toxins?  It should be noted that all the dams that have been removed and are DOWNSTREAM of where most of these self-righteous fish worshipers live - Ashland.
Please watch the entire video below to hear Mr. Schaafsma's worrying account of his test results, as given to the Josephine County Board of Commissioners on Thursday, 27th August, 2015.
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(Mr. Schaafsma's comments and the lab results were transcribed from this video.)
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