Monday, March 10, 2014

KS Wild & the Bhopal Connection - Follow the (Blood) Money

It's hard for me to even write about this. I remember watching this disaster unfold on TV when I was very young. I can still recall the horror I felt watching all those people in the midst of their abject suffering. The Bhopal Tragedy has become known as the Worst Industrial Disaster in history.

Date : 2nd December, 1984.

Location : Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh State, India.

Due to an exothermic reaction, the local chemical plant owned by the Union Carbide Company exploded and released approximately 30 metric tons of methyl isocyanate gas (MIC), into the atmosphere. Within just two weeks, 8,000 men, women and children were dead. A further 8,000 have died of their injuries and illnesses since that time. Of course, flora and fauna in the area fell victim to the gas also. 2,000 animal corpses were collected. In the space of just days, all the trees in the area were barren. The air was polluted. The soil was toxic.  The water was poisoned.

In a 2006 sworn affidavit by the local government of Madhya Pradesh, they stated that the Bhopal Gas Tragedy has caused 558,125 injuries.

The water table and the soil are still contaminated in Bhopal. The people still eat food grown in the soil. They still drink and bathe in the water. Which is why THIS happens. [WARNING! Harrowing image of dead babies, deformed as a result of the Bhopal Disaster.]

Gallery of BHOPAL DISASTER PICTURES by Indian Photographer, Raghu Rai. [WARNING!  Disturbing images from the ongoing tragedy of the Bhopal Disaster.]

Would you take money from the corporation responsible for this?

I wouldn't either.

But KS Wild did.

Yes, a high and mighty bunch of self-righteous Enviro-Vangelists who preach endlessly to the rest of us about clean water and not polluting the planet, stuck their hand out and took blood money in the form of a grant from the Mead Foundation. The Mead Foundation was founded by Union Carbide co-founder, Giles W Mead. You can see confirmation of the grant details here –

Link to 990 Tax Form -
Further, The Mead Foundation has an investment portfolio that includes Big Oil, tobacco, Big Pharma, and mining companies. Oh, and Monsanto is in there too? In my opinion, Monsanto are the most evil, destructive threat to mankind on the planet.

I'm not anti-corporation. I fully support a capitalist society. I'm neither a Looney Leftie or a Right-Wing Wing-Nut. I don't even think that The Mead Foundation is run by bad people, or that their founder was anything but a kind human being – I know of nothing to suggest otherwise. I'm passing absolutely no judgment on the Mead family or their foundation, and I know that they support some incredibly worthy causes. This is not even about The Mead Foundation. I'm just reporting FACTS, and the hypocrisy of KS Wild. Nothing more.

To recap the FACTS -

Fact 1 – Union Carbide owned the plant that exploded causing 500,000+ deaths, injuries and illnesses.

Fact 2 – The soil and water table in Bhopal are still contaminated.

Fact 3 – The Mead Foundation was founded by Giles W. Mead, co-founder of Union Carbide & Carbon Company.

Fact 4 – KS Wild received a $20,000 grant from the Mead Foundation in 2007.

Fact 5 – The Mead Foundation's investment portfolio includes Monsanto, and mining, tobacco, oil    and pharmaceutical companies.

Fact 6 – KS Wild benefits financially from industries it claims to despise, like mining, fossil fuels, and the genetic modification of our food and seeds.

- KS Wild Truth.

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