Monday, March 24, 2014

Oh, the Irony - KS Wild Attend Conference Showing Bhopal Gas Disaster Documentary

My mouth fell open when I came across this. I wasn't even looking for anything connected to Bhopal - the page came up in response to a general KS Wild query. I almost missed it. I couldn't even believe my eyes. I was simply stunned.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Staff from KS Wild were actually in attendance at this event, the 2005 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference, the largest environmentalist gathering in the world (according to the brochure,) promoting a film produced for them. Do you think the KS Wild delegation sat through the showing of  Litigating Disaster, a documentary about the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, perpetrated by Union Carbide? Union Carbide are a company who KS WILD receive funding from, via The Mead Foundation, which was set up by a co-founder of the company with his Union Carbide fortune?

I wonder how the film makers would have felt if they knew they were breathing the same air as people who suckle at the Union Carbide corporate tit. Did the KS Wild mob squirm in their seats with red faces, thinking everybody was looking at them? Did they flinch when they saw the corpses of babies and little children who died gasping for air, their lungs burning inside their bodies? Did they know then, or now, where the money comes from to pay their own mortgages and feed their own kids? Or maybe they were some of those unpaid interns KS WILD likes to use, (like this, for example,) who probably actually believe what they're doing is helping the planet, and not just the coffers of a Sue and Settle-addicted corporation.  All those millions that filter through the KS Wild corporation and they don't even pay their underlings.


That's cold.

- KS Wild Truth.

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