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KS Wild & the Logging Money Connection - The Ralph L. Smith Foundation

* * * UPDATE * * * : 8/03/2015 - Image of one of KS Wild's grants from a Timber Baron's foundation. Updated to show this evidence as the previous link to proof is broken. Website went to paid subscription to access most of their info.  Scroll down to KS Wild's Tree Killer Money.

Foundation Name :
The Ralph L. Smith Foundation

Related Industries :
Timber, Logging

Relevant Info :
Founder sold his Logging and Timber Mills businesses to Paper Products conglomerate Kimberly-Clark.

Foundation no longer directly disburses funding, but has many satellite organizations to which it donates investment portfolio profits to award as grants.

KS Wild, our friendly, local environmental extremists have received grants from the Ralph L Smith Foundation, which was founded by a logging and timber baron in 1952. He sold his company to Kimberly-Clark, the Paper Products conglomerate, and formed the foundation which bears his name. According to their own website, Kimberly-Clark's Paper Products, like tissues, toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, incontinence pads, etc., are used by a quarter of the world's population every day. That's a LOT of tree murder! Not terribly eco-minded or tree-hugger-friendly, no matter how dedicated they are to 'sustainability,' is it?

Here's a direct link to Fall 2005 KS Wild News -
NOTE : THIS LINK [BELOW] IS NOW BROKEN. This site has gone to PAID SUBSCRIPTION to see most of the info now.  See another piece of proof below for their affiliation.

Here's a link to the website which shows just one of the grants received by KS Wild (under their 501(c)(3) IRS-registered business name is Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center) -

KS Wild's Tree Killer Money - [Link to original PDF]

KS Wild's Tree Killer Grant

The current Kimberly-Clark Board of Directors is a conglomerate smorgasbord, with past or present board members of Pepsico, Coco-Cola, Pfizer, Kellogg and JP Morgan, to name a few.
Kimberly-Clark Index Page -

Board of Directors -

Again, we're not passing judgment on any foundation, any family or any company, but we think that everybody should be aware of where the crazy cash amounts these self-described Guardians of the Environment like KS Wild get their funding from, especially if you actually donate to them yourself. You should also know that they receive hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in grant funding, although they publicly claim to be 'a small' organization. They don't come under my personal definition of 'small.' The Ralph L. Smith Foundation is one of those funding sources, an organization founded on the corporate profits of the logging industry, the main industry KS Wild seem determined to destroy, or at least for the little guy.
Here's a link to just one of their 990 IRS forms - you can see how much money KS Wild take in - not that there's anything wrong with that in itself - but they are not a 'small' organization, as they like to portray, when in an ordinary year get you a cool HALF A MILLION dollars in foundation grants and donations -
Wow!  That's a dollar for every man, woman, child and baby, killed, maimed or sickened by the Bhopal Gas Disaster, perpetrated by Union Carbide, another corporation KS Wild receive grant money from, via The Mead Foundation, set up by Union Carbide's founder, Giles W. Mead. The foundation's investment portfolio also includes the likes of Big Oil, Big Pharma, Mining companies, and Monsanto.

No, really.

The sad, tragic, and ironic thing about this – if they are just innocent dupes that don't know who they are doing the bidding of [but I think not,] – is that they will never stop the logging industry. All they will achieve is the eradication of the Mom & Pop type logging outfit, the small, local employers.

What do these environmentalists like KS Wild think is going to happen when they have annihilated every last small, sustainable logging company, the one guy with a self-loader, the wife and husband team who run a crew of two or three guys and cut only seasonally?

I'll tell you what will happen, the Big Boys will move in - the conglomerates, the multi-nationals, the global corporations – and we can all kiss our beautiful, precious forests goodbye, forever. Oregon will become a giant clear-cut wasteland once all the little guys are gone and there's nobody left to lay claim to the timber because they've been legislated into oblivion. Because you know what corporate cash can buy, don't you? Everyone. Everything. And KS Wild.

- KS Wild Truth Team


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