Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Donald Rubenstein – A Walking Conflict of Interest

Yesterday, Donald Rubenstein, Jackson County Hearings Officer ruled against Mountain View Paving, denying them a land-use permit for their Talent asphalt plant, shutting down the business under threat of hefty fines.

Rubenstein's ruling was based on supposed increased site activity and risk of fire. He also ruled that the business was not grandfathered-in, due to a non-conforming use differing from the business run previously at the site - a concrete plant. The campaign against the business was spear-headed by Steve Rouse, President of Rogue Advocates, a local 'advocacy' group.  Also, residents of a near by trailer park complained of the increased traffic and noise during summer months.  Job creation is just a nuisance to some, apparently.

Question - who puts an old folks trailer park on a highway next to an industrial plant which has been in operation for many years? The previous business was grandfathered-in, obviously pre-dating the zoning regulation. 

Once again, this is a case, just like the Fielder Dam Removal scandal, where Donald Rubenstein's personal life and ideologies are getting in the way of justice for citizens and businesses of our region. Another glaring conflict of interest involving Mr. Rubenstein has reared it's ubiquitous head.

Pepper Trail, a local radical enviro is a board member of Rogue Advocates. He is deeply involved with Rubenstein's pet project that nets millions of dollars each year, the Southern Oregon Land Conservancy. Trail is a member of SOLC, a donor to SOLC, and a speaker/presenter at SOLC events. This is clearly another conflict of interest, something Rubenstein excels at.   (Below are just a few instances as an example.)
Pepper Trail, Rogue Advocates Board Member
Pepper Trail, speaker at SOLC event.
SOLC Newsletter, Fall, 2009

Pepper Trail, Contributor to SOLC
SOLC 2008 Annual Report
Pepper Trail, Member of SOLC
SOLC 2008 Annual Report

When is Donald Rubenstein going to be removed from his unelected office? When is this man going to be brought to task for his conflicts of interest? When is Jackson County going to cease allowing the Southern Oregon extremist environmental contingent to run the county, destroy our businesses and jobs, and usurp our private property rights?

Donald Rubenstein's roots in the radical environmental movement all along the west coast run deep and wide. He is a life-long enviro. He is a founder of several environmental groups. He is steeped in agenda. His decisions are not impartial. He is not forthcoming with adequate disclosures regarding his relationships with the people who are attempting to destroy our jobs and our private property rights.

Jackson County has become a joke. An unfunny, offensive joke. The level of Boss Hog corruption is legendary, and frankly, incredibly sad.

Rubenstein must go. He is not fit to sit in judgment over us and does not possess an impartial eye. This abuse of office to further his radical enviro agenda must end.

Permit for Talent Paving Plant Denied by Tony Boom (Mail Tribune, 29th September, 2015)

Rogue Advocates Website – Board Members

SOLC 2008 Annual Report

SOLC 2014 Annual Report

SOLC Fall 2009 Newsletter

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